Professional Services

Our goal is to help you keep focus on your core services by proactively managing your technical assets.

Security Assessment

We utilize an adversarial approach to our analysis and point out any weaknesses in the current network or computer configurations. We will provide a written report of our observations and make cost-effective suggestions for resolution.

Costs Assessment

We will analyze any bills to find services that are over-priced, over-prescribed or under-utilized and present to you competitive options. We cost and feature compare telecommunications, cloud provider, backup and marketing services. There is typically a way to pay less or get more for your money.

Helpdesk & Consulting

We utilize a proactive approach to customer asset management but there's always a need for individual user or per issue assistance. We provide ready contact and 1-4 hour response times depending on the service level.

Email Encryption

We offer solutions to make sure all emails are encrypted in transit to any recipient, including marketing emails sending regulated information. We have options for sending encrypted content for highly sensitive info and solutions for encrypted backups for communications preservation policies.

Systems Monitoring

We monitor all network assets on the customer network. Systems Monitoring is at the core of our proactive approach. Software agents on the network send relevant data about the devices to our Network Operations Center where we monitor for conditions that are out of specification.

Managed Backup and Restore

An overlooked part of security is having properly configured, regular backups. Don't let a breach, hardware failure or malware destroy years of ireplacible data. If you are a healthcare provider, losing data is a potential legal problem. We can provide backup of data under a Business Associate Agreement.

Hosted Voice and Video

We have over 15 years experience in telecommunications and maintain provider partners that offer inexpensive, reliable voice communications. We have equivalent experience in fax solutions and can help set up scalable video conferencing for client meetings or work from home scenarios.

Online Presence & Marketing

For all subscribed customers we offer the complimentary service of keeping tabs on the business online presence. We will help clean up listings and citations. Help claim listings on review sites and even assist with the proper way to answer reviews. Separately we can help with social media, text or email campaigns and even do web development.

Scheduling and Business Management

The software and services for client or patient management is quite deep and diverse. We have experience with a number of apps and services, from Clio to Amicus Attorney, OpenDental and Dentrix to more general apps for Customer Relationship Management like Hubspot, Keap or Salesforce. Why not have an IT resource that knows all your business needs?