3CX Contact Center

Offer exceptional customer service with a multichannel environment and increase customer engagement by using SMS, Voice, Email and Website Live Chat. All channels of communication are connected and integrated on a single platform to provide a seamless customer experience.

The 3CX multichannel contact center software provides customers with the flexibility to choose the method of contact that best suits their needs. Similarly, agents across Sales, Support and Customer Relations can communicate effectively and efficiently with customers across multiple channels, through a simple, user-friendly interface.

Ensure customers get their queries answered instantly and in a personalized manner. With 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin agents are able to respond to website visitors in real-time via chat, video, and call.

3CX Highlights

Lower Cost

Unified Communications

Video Conferencing

CRM Integrations

Tellcreek 3CX Services

License Keys or Renewals

Tellcreek is an authorized reseller of the 3CX phone system. You can purchase a new annual or perpetual license key through us. We can also process maintenance renewals.

Managed Hosted 3CX

Tellcreek can help you host a new 3CX phone system install on Google Cloud Platform and manage it for you. We can help turn up 3CX from scratch or help you migrate from an existing installation.

Integrations Help

Do you use one of the CRM systems supported by 3CX? Allow us to help you integrate the two. We can configure and support the integration to the extent 3CX and the CRM party allows.

SIP Connectivity

We can provide SIP dialtone for those who need. Perhaps you're an analog or ISDN hold-out? Current provider flakey or expensive? We provide SIP dialtone and supported connectivity to 3CX.