IT is Communications.

Proactive Support and Security

IT is really communications.

If you think about it, IT is really about communications. Every app, every piece of equipment, your website, your presence on social media or on review sites is enabling communications with your clients. Every innovation is to make your business scale and be more competitive. We understand the reasons behind your use of technology and your presence online and help bring it all under one well-managed umbrella. We are communications experts.

Security is a foundation, not a reactive measure.

Our unfortunate experience visiting many businesses for the first time is that security is typically thought of as a reactive measure. Security is about business continuity, to not only prevent unauthorized access but also minimize downtime and maintain the safe storage of your business data. Before starting any work, we always perform a site review and provide an assessment. We help create a practical security policy and manage the safe duplication and storage of business data to prevent major loss.

You can "underspend" on support.

Even in professional services, business owners often don't consider their time when it comes to tech. Each issue is time away from providing services or possibly time away from family. Many issues can be avoided with some proactive maintenance or proper setup. Think of IT like auto maintenance. Do you service your car regularly or just drive it into the ground and take it in when it breaks? Which method takes more of your time, energy and money? Expenses on little problems will add up and when the big problem hits, the reactive costs could be devastating. Going with the low bidder for reactive "break/fix IT support" could be costing you far more than you realize.

How does a free secure assessment sound?